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Thursday, January 3, 2019


PUBG: Beginner's Guide, tips, tips
Maybe you decided to start this little slaughter that is PUBG? So follow the guide, we give you a hand to start your beginner career on PKBAZAAR.PK.
Maybe you decided to start this little slaughter that is PUBG? So follow the guide, we give you a hand to start your beginner career on PKBAZAAR.

Main competitor of King H1Z1 King of the Kill, PUBG takes the mechanics of the game of Daybreak Games with a more realistic and hardcore bias. Beyond the genre, the two games have something else in common: PLAYERUNKNOW'S, the code name of the man behind Battlegrounds but who, before embarking on his own project, first made his hand with Battle Royale modes of Arma 2 and ... H1Z1. So we find the same leg but, Battlegrounds stands out with unprecedented mechanics, a much more arsenal and more demanding gameplay trigger sale in Pakistan on PK Bazaar. We've put together a little survival guide to help you get started on the hostile Battlegrounds Island.



The arrival in the zone of combat, overflight and parachuting

In Battlegrounds, you start your game aboard a plane that crosses the map on the North-South, East-West or diagonal axes. It is then up to you to choose the moment you want to jump to land where you want in the map. Regarding free fall and parachuting, a counter at the bottom left of your screen allows you to gauge your speed of fall. If you are above a well-stocked area, look down on the ground to accelerate your free fall then parachute to be in the first loot. If you are further away from your target, you will cover a greater distance by slowing down your speed below 130km / h.

For the moment, the game is quite permissive in this phase, the parachute deploys automatically from a certain altitude and no damage will be inflicted upon you landing no matter your speed. First come, first served ! If you find items a little everywhere in the play area, some areas are much more provided in equipment, weapons and vehicles than others. Find below the areas to focus on to equip you optimally.
The red circles correspond to the military loot areas, you will find the most effective weapons, the most resistant equipment and mods of arms that will allow you to take some advantage over your opponents. These military zones are the most coveted and therefore the most dangerous. If you do not feel like venturing into it, choose the medium-sized areas, which are poorer in rare equipment but will allow you to build a complete and efficient inventory. Keep in mind that you will always find enough to equip yourself in most buildings and loot corpses.

We close the door behind either

Battlegrounds players pay close attention to the doors of the buildings. By default, all map doors are closed, if you cross an open door, it is because an opponent has already passed by and is potentially still in the building. Do not hesitate to take this factor into account when visiting a building. Close the doors to prevent a well-groomed player from chasing you inside or opening them to dissuade those who are still looking for a loot, each one his technique. Before you take a quick look through a window, if you see an open door in a room of the building, be careful, the opponents usually think to close the outside but not necessarily inside.
Protect yourself ! Level of equipment, care and boosts

- The equipment

In Battlegrounds, helmets, bullet vests and backpacks exist in three levels. The higher the level, the more effective the item. Level 3 amenities are very rare and you will need to visit the loot areas at risk to try to dig up. Are they worth the candle? Clearly but, you will have to face the most experienced players from the first minutes of the game to multiply your chances of finding.

In addition to care, other items can help you regain your health. Energy drinks, painkillers and adrenaline syringes fill a bar of energy (just above the health bar) which, more than 50% filled, gives life back in a progressive way and gives you a bonus of speed during the sprint. Note that boosts are a great way to get over the threshold of 75% health after using a first aid kit or bandages.

- Care

Even though protected, you are obviously still vulnerable in gunfight. The balls you take in combat will inevitably affect your health bar. A bar that will not go up by itself over time and you will have to find something to look after in your environment. Bandages are the most common resource and provide little life. Med-kits and first-aid kits are rarer but devilishly more effective, keep them for critical situations and prefer to dispose of your bandage stock before using them. Note that once your health bar has been opened, bandages and first aid kits will not allow you to go over the bar of 75% of life. Find below a summary table of the effects and time of use of care items:

Gunfights, shooting modes and accessories

Battlegrounds offers a fairly complete arsenal of about twenty firearms spread across the map and in airdrops. Assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, pistols or other SMGs, there is plenty to do and for all styles of play. Assault rifles are the most versatile weapon to manage the fighting at any distance, the M416 stands out with a slight setback and a good rate of fire but remains quite difficult to find compared to an M16A4. Take care to equip two weapons that do not use the same type of ammunition to avoid a bad surprise when changing weapons.
In addition to weapons and ammo you will also find accessories (weapon mods) throughout the map. Sights, handles, silencers or sticks will be to equip your toys to make them even more effective. These last ones are assigned to a certain type of weapon, you will thus find handles of SMG, butts of AR, etc that you will be able to equip only on a compatible weapon.

As for the gunfights, the game offers an FPS camera in addition to its standard view in the third person. A must-use medium and long distance for more precision. Some weapons have several shooting modes, for example we recommend using the shot by shot by pressing [B] for long-distance duels.
Watch out for electric gas

In Battlegrounds, the limits of the safe zone are determined by an electric gas that gradually reduces the area of ​​play to force players to meet. Feel free to use your mini-map to manage the distance between you and the gas, its area of ​​effect is indicated by a blue circle. The gas begins to unfold 5 minutes after the beginning of the game, the safe zone is then reduced every 2 minutes until the end of the game. The gas is easily tanked with energy drinks or other boosts at the beginning of the game, but avoid too much late-game because it can inflict serious damage in an area where the density of the opponent is quite important.